A simple modification of the nose can considerably improve the appearance of your face and in so doing, improve your confidence. The volume of the nose can be enhanced or reduced, the shape can be changed, the nostrils can be made narrower and many deformations (from birth or trauma) can be corrected.
The surgery

Rhinoplasty consists of sculpting (and / or adding) bone and cartilage in the nose in order to modify its appearance. Incisions are usually made inside the nose only and are thus not visible from the outside. The angle between the nose and the upper lip can be adjusted in order to rejuvenate or to correct a defect. Nasal obstructions can be removed at the same time. On average, the surgical procedure takes about 1 hour. You may choose local or general anesthesia. Packing in the nostrils is usually removed on the same day. A brace is then applied on the exterior of the nose in order to keep things in place. It is removed after four or five days.

What happens after the surgery?

Swelling and the appearance of bruising are normal after the surgery. These will usually diminish considerably within a week or so. Very minor swelling (usually visible to you and your surgeon only) may persist for a few weeks to a few months thereafter. Postoperative pain can usually be treated with a simple analgesic such as acetaminophen. Vigorous exercise and contact sports are best avoided for a couple of weeks after the surgery.