Dr. Jean Raymond Spenard MD FRCS(C)

More than 20 years of experience combined with post-doctoral training have allowed me to perfect procedures in cosmetic surgery for the nose (rhinoplasty), the eyelids (blepharoplasty) and the ears (otoplasty). Cosmetic surgery can improve your appearance by correcting imperfections and  / or by rejuvenating some of your features. The premature appearance of signs of aging can  affect your confidence and your general well being. Surgery at the hands of an experienced practitioner will improve your self-image and harmonize your body and soul. Thank you for visiting.

“I love Dr.Jean-Raymond Spenard MD FRCS -C He’s a great doctor, who really takes time with his patients and makes you feel like he really cares. If you would like to consider aesthetic surgery for your nose, ears or eyelids – and have natural results. This is the guy!”

Eramelinda Boquer